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BlueJeans Smart Meetings for Customer Calls

Improve your customer conversations with BlueJeans Smart Meetings. Automatically capture the most important parts of the conversation with highlights, action tags, transcription, and post-meeting summaries. Rather then jotting notes or trying to memorize meeting details, every memorable moment of the conversation is recorded in a single click. Forty seconds of video, audio, and screen share are instantly captured. After your meeting ends, email summaries are sent to all participants — whether they attended or not. Include anyone who missed the meeting for a complete recap of the highlighted discussion points. Click “view highlights” for a replay of all the meeting’s important moments. The interactive Smart Meetings hub supports ongoing collaboration and access to critical takeaways for anyone you choose to invite. Never sit through a full-length meeting recording — simply select “auto play highlights” and view the recap reel in a fraction of the time.