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Product Video

BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams

BlueJeans has always been committed to making video, audio, and web conferencing truly interoperable. Now, we’ve taken our commitment a step further by partnering with Microsoft to unleash the full power of Teams – the Microsoft Office 365 hub for teamwork – via any room system. The BlueJeans Gateway, our interop solution, lets users easily access Teams in boardrooms, conference rooms, and huddle spaces.

By bringing existing meeting rooms into a Microsoft Teams meeting, the BlueJeans Gateway lets users make the most of their Microsoft environments, as well as their existing equipment. The BlueJeans Gateway provides a consistent user experience, regardless of room system hardware. With H.323 or SIP-based room system interoperability, BlueJeans maximizes existing investments like Polycom, Cisco, and LifeSize. With more than 1 billion cloud-connected room system minutes supporting over 19,000 different room systems, our commitment to interoperability means that you can make decisions about meeting spaces with confidence.

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Ted [0:04-1:36] In today’s workforce, real-time collaboration is used more than ever via chat, web conferencing, and video conferencing. BlueJeans has always been there to help fill that need. We’ve partnered with Microsoft to bring the BlueJeans gateway for Microsoft teams. It’s a native, cloud-based infrastructure to get your H323 and SIP-based points into a team’s meeting such as Polycom, Cisco, LifeSize. Now we provide a gateway to get into a team’s meeting without having to change anything on your infrastructure. Scheduling a meeting is easy. You can use either the team’s client or the Outlook add-in. All you have to do is add in your meeting title, invite your attendees, put a location (as in room), and hit schedule a meeting. When you walk into the room, the touch panel in the room will have a list of all the meetings that are scheduled for that room. Press join and within seconds the user is into the team’s meeting. From the team’s client, you can do everything a team’s meeting can do; you can chat, share files, share content from the team’s content wirelessly, and just collaborate. BlueJeans leverages your existing infrastructure via Cisco, LifeSize, or Polycom to give you that one button to push ease of use. Now we’re turning board rooms, puddle rooms, and conference rooms into full collaboration rooms.