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Product Video

BlueJeans Events Proof of Concept

Shortly after deploying BlueJeans Meetings, a leadership change within the company created urgency for a large town hall event. Illumina’s brand-new CEO, Francis deSouza wanted to introduce himself to the entire company, wanted to do it virtually, and wanted every site to participate and be able to ask questions — all within his first month with the company.
In retrospect, CIO and Head of Global Facilities Norm Fjeldheim laughed about the unbelievably fast turnaround that made the town hall possible. “We had no infrastructure and wanted to deploy to every site in a month.” Although Illumina’s IT department was against the clock, Fjeldheim vividly remembers this critical introduction with BlueJeans Events. “It was the craziest proof of concept I’ve ever been through. BlueJeans just came in and made it happen. The CEO was so happy with the new technology that we’ve hosted a virtual town hall every month since,” Fjeldheim said.


Norm: [0:03-0:51] So, when we got our new CEO about 2 ½ years ago, he came to me and said, “I want to introduce myself to the entire company and all hands. I want to do it virtually. I want every site to be able to participate, to be able to ask questions, and I want them online.” We had to go from really no infrastructure whatsoever to every site in months, oh boy, that was a challenge. BlueJeans came in and enabled that to happen. It was the most crazy proof of concept I’ve ever been through: going live with your new CEO on brand new technology and we pulled it off. He was so happy with it; we’ve done a virtual town hall every month since then.