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Product Video

BlueJeans Command Center

360-degree view of your meetings, rooms and events

Command Center provides administators with instant visibility across their BlueJeans environments. This enterprise-grade management console delivers immediate insight into meeting performance, network conditions, and user-focused ROI.
With in-meeting analytics, real-time alerts, and live meeting controls, you have all the tools you need to troubleshoot issues and ensure optimal meeting outcomes.
Command Center not only gives you the ability to manage your everyday meetings, it gives you the power to drive digital transformation and manage organizational change with an eye toward the future.


Narrator [0:05-1:19] Command Center is a next generation reporting tool that helps you maximize your investment in BlueJeans meetings, rooms, and events. The interactive dashboard has detailed information on all the meetings happening within your organization. Live and past meeting details provide helpful context, while geographic and endpoint distribution details give you a complete view on usage and adaption across your organization. The ROI Calculator shows potential travel cost saved and carbon emission you’ve reduced by using video impedance. Use the meeting timeline to see exactly what users are doing at any given moment to pinpoint issues accurately. Live Meeting Controls enable you to manage important meetings remotely so that participants suffer no disturbance and can focus on the work at hand. Command Center puts you in control with the tools you need to support your users and reports and insight to make informed, data-driven decisions.