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Do Your Town Hall Events Feel Like Amateur Hour?

BlueJeans survey uncovers demand for more engaging events.

BlueJeans and TechValidate recently surveyed IT admins and end users about their experience with town hall technology. Upon analyzing respondents’ business drivers and product-specific requirements, the survey reveals widespread dissatisfaction with legacy streaming solutions. Frequently, BlueJeans Events exceeded competitors’ product technology, user experience, and ability to deliver high-impact corporate communications. Learn why 95% of respondents agreed that BlueJeans Events delivered a higher quality experience than other all-hands platforms.

This infographic illustrates the following survey topics regarding town halls:
  • Why IT admins switched to an industry-leading broadcast technology
  • How outdated streaming solutions fail to deliver an interactive experience
  • What qualities about BlueJeans Events influenced product adoption
Learn more about the power of BlueJeans Events for hosting enterprise-grade town halls:
TechValidate BlueJeans Events Infographic