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Leveraging Video Conferencing Analytics and Insights to Measure Performance

Manage your entire video conferencing deployment from a centralized location.

Video Conferencing Insights and Analytics

Deploying and maintaining a video conferencing solution is only possible if IT admins can monitor system health, manage endpoints, and access usage trends. Given the scope and scale of video conferencing environments — from room systems to remote workers to mobile devices — it’s vitally important that technology managers have proactive, reactive, and decisive controls. Think about the life of an IT or UC manager managing thousands of conference rooms across dozens of offices in multiple time zones or countries. What happens when an executive in one of those rooms in another country is having a bad conference – wouldn’t you want to know why and how to rapidly restore service? Learn more about these centralized video conferencing management dashboards to monitor and troubleshoot your deployment from anywhere.


Leveraging Video Conferencing Intelligence

Instant visibility into your collaborative environment gives administrators the upper hand in managing performance, network conditions, and ROI. The best video conferencing solutions feature in-meeting analytics, real-time alerts, and meeting controls to optimize the end-user experience. This collection of data arms the IT organization with timely troubleshooting tools to mitigate issues before they happen again. As with any workforce productivity initiative, keeping helpdesk tickets to a minimum is a top priority. When searching the market for a video conferencing service, remember to verify that this type of data and control is included — you will thank yourself anytime a localized or system-wide issue occurs. 

Real-Time and Historical Insights 

A truly enterprise-grade video conferencing platform equips IT with real-time and historical data that enables technical teams to manage their deployment, while providing in-meeting analytics to isolate and remedy system disruptions. Best-in-class solutions include metrics for any endpoint or meeting type, including room systems, browser-based meetings, desktop applications, and mobile devices. 
Deployment Dashboard  
View status, utilization, concurrent connections, and geographic distribution.  
Scheduled Monthly Reports  
Receive monthly PDF reports on usage and trends automatically in your inbox.   
Historical Reports Performance  
Metrics for every meeting, room, event, endpoint, and participant.  
Quality Metrics Graph  
Quality metrics like bitrate, jitter, and packet loss for every active meeting attendee.  
Data Export  
Export data in CSV format for further analysis.  
API Support  
Easily share data with other Enterprise systems.  
ROI Calculators  
Measure reductions in carbon emissions and travel expenses.  
Live Stats Stay current with automatically updated performance data. 
Real-Time Metrics View  
Metrics of live meetings, rooms and events such as participant details and recording status.  
Real-Time Alerts  
Get notifications when participants provide feedback so that issues can be resolved quickly.  
Live Meeting Controls  
Monitor, moderate, and manage important meetings from any location. 
Quality Alerts Receive  
Proactive notifications when meetings experience quality loss.