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Buyer's Guide for Modernizing Meeting Rooms

According to Wainhouse Research, there are 30-50 million meeting rooms in existence. But are they adequately equipped to support employee collaboration? These numbers will only increase as workplace meeting culture evolves and organizations modernize conference rooms as well as build out more informal, easy-to-use work spaces or huddle rooms.

However, the first step to modernizing your meeting rooms takes planning and preparation. With so many questions to answer, we’ve developed a playbook to simplify the evaluation process and put your particular needs into perspective. Learn four strategies for identifying modern meeting room “must haves” so you can implement a long-term solution that satisfies employee needs, frees IT resources and achieves business goals. Discover how to:

  • Determine your meeting room needs and use cases
  • Drive more value from existing room infrastructure investments
  • Outfit rooms with cloud-based video, audio and web conferencing solutions available through flexible purchase options
  • Centrally manage, monitor and maintain your conference rooms


Read the Buyer’s Guide for Modernizing Meeting Rooms and transform your rooms into easy, flexible, and naturally productive collaboration spaces.



Buyer's Guide to Modern Meeting Rooms