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Live Video's Central Role In The Changing Workplace

We all communicate all the time—without even thinking about it.

More and more, we are using live, two-way video to converse with our friends and family, be it via our laptops, phones, or tablets. However, while we use video in our personal lives all the time, many are still struggling to implement it in their work lives.

Our research report ‘A Screen Star at Work’ explores the current attitudes and trends of people across the UK, Australia, France, Germany, and the US. The findings reveal how live video is currently being used both in the workplace and in personal lives, and how employees feel about adopting video in their work lives and how likely organizations would be to enable them to do this.

The results highlight a clear disconnect. Despite 85% of employees using video in their everyday lives, only 28% said that their employers were proactively encouraging them to use video at work. 63% of the younger employees who enter the workforce expect to be able to use video as frequently they do in their personal lives, and businesses risk alienating the ‘selfie-generation’ if they fail to adopt.

For more on how live video communication can transform your business, download the full report.