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5 Ways to Enhance your Virtual Event Strategy

As the world has emerged from COVID lockdowns, many businesses are now making a conscious choice to continue with virtual events. There are several reasons behind this shift, and one predominant actor is that on a practical level, the return of live events is still very much in the balance in many countries. 

At the onset of lockdowns, many businesses scrambled to make sense of systems that were already in place or selected solutions impulsively as a knee jerk reaction. Research from Forrester released in April 2021, and carried out on behalf of BlueJeans, looked at how to optimize technology for a virtual/hybrid events future. More than half of those surveyed (57%), said they didn’t have enough time to select their virtual events software as the pandemic hit.

This report, produced in partnership with BlueJeans by Verizon, examines the benefits of hosting virtual events, how to create and increase levels of engagement in an online environment, how technology has transformed events (and continues to do so) and what the future for virtual experiences will look like. 

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