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Video Meetings for Marketing

Marketing professionals having a video meeting
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Empower your team and engage your audience with modern, easy to use video calls

Whether you’re meeting with colleagues, clients or agencies, you need to communicate quickly and effectively. With BlueJeans, you can easily collaborate with your most important stakeholders from anywhere, on any device.

Why BlueJeans for Marketing
Launch products, execute campaigns and build a collaborative team with easy video conferencing.

  • Communicate globally
    Today’s workforce is global. Immediately bolster marketing results with more productive video collaboration across distributed teams, agencies, and clients.
  • Webinars and trainings
    Easily schedule, moderate, and livestream interactive webinars for thousands of attendees. You can even broadcast directly to Facebook Live.
  • Superior project collaboration
    Get everyone on the same page. Share videos, presentations and documents, whiteboard in real-time, and record meetings with one click for on-demand sharing and playback.