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Customer Story

World Science Festival Nurtures a Sense of Awe About the World and the Cosmos Using BlueJeans

The World Science Festival believes there are many ways to understand the world and that learning science should go beyond the classroom experience. Using virtual reality tools and BlueJeans Meetings, the World Science Festival is trying to transform how everyone learns about the wonders of science. It’s giving children, in particular, a sense of awe while opening up a world of possibilities through novel production formats, including virtual reality experiences.


  • The World Science Festival wanted to show children that the wonders of science and the world go beyond what they learn in class.


  • It launched a virtual reality learning program and then integrated BlueJeans Meetings to make the experience accessible to a wider audience.


  • The World Science Festival has successfully rolled out its program to more than 40 schools in the United States.
  • More students now experience a more immersive and dynamic way of learning, helping them to appreciate science more deeply.
  • The company is developing new learning experiences to give more people an opportunity to learn the big ideas of science in an immersive way.

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