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Wharton Interactive Teams with BlueJeans to Connect Learners Around the World

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Technology is rapidly changing education, with students and teachers becoming more accustomed to using video conferencing and remote learning to enhance their coursework. Wharton Interactive is an edtech initiative within the University of Pennsylvania that’s taking games-based learning to another level. Its Alternate Reality Courses (ARCs) provide students worldwide with immersive experiences that give them the opportunity to gain 21st century skills through practice. The multi-player ARCs depend on BlueJeans Meetings to support out-of-game player collaboration. Wharton Interactive has gained universal appeal, with tens of thousands of learners on all seven continents.


  • Wharton Interactive is on a mission to democratize education, making its entire catalog available to the world. To support team collaboration outside games-based learning, it needed a video conferencing platform that was easy to use and could scale up to thousands of students simultaneously. 


  • Wharton Interactive deployed BlueJeans Meetings to allow unlimited team meetings per administrative account.


  • BlueJeans Meeting’s simplicity and easy-to-use interface has allowed learners around the world to connect at the same time, making the lessons more realistic.
  • Wharton Interactive has seen a student completion rate of nearly 100%, compared to the 12% to 15% of students who complete the average online course.
  • A full 98% of ARC learners say they’ve learned something they couldn’t have learned in a traditional class. 
  • Realistic learning simulations have generated interest from prospective students and professors, leading Wharton Interactive to expand within the university and possibly beyond.


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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania