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Wharton Imagines Future of Learning with BlueJeans Video Conferencing

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The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania is a premiere institution for business education. Over the years the School has sought to extend learning experiences and to connect students and faculty beyond the classroom. When connecting remotely to study groups and classrooms, students often face technological challenges like being unable to see faculty or difficulty sharing documents. This challenge becomes further pronounced when dispersed students and faculty members need to collaborate with one another. To overcome these challenges, Wharton has embraced modern, adaptable video conferencing to support a shared learning experience in every classroom.


Needed to extend 100 video enabled study spaces to connect students, even when off-campus.


BlueJeans provided easy connectivity and inclusiveness for students and faculty.
Cloud-based platform made rollout seamless for IT.


Made remote, face to face learning possible from any device.
Integrated BlueJeans Meetings with Canvas learning management system.
Faculty hold virtual office hours and students can access recorded lectures.
Learning teams now able to meet from anywhere, easing scheduling issues for students.