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Customer Story

USC Viterbi School of Engineering Connects Students to Classrooms with BlueJeans Meetings

USC Viterbi School of Engineering supports distance learning through online education programs as well as blended programs. Using BlueJeans, they maximize the student learning experience with highly productive, one-touch video calling connecting students to classrooms via any device, anywhere.


  • Identifying a better method for connecting over 4,000 students on campus with another 1,000 online.

  • Finding a seamless meetings solution that works across a variety of endpoints while providing high quality video and audio with interactive features.


  • BlueJeans provides high quality video and spatial audio with superior interoperability, making it simple to join.

  • BlueJeans enhances the meeting experience with collaboration features like meeting recording, screen share, and in-meeting text chat.


  • Remote students can easily join classroom sessions using BlueJeans for easy connectivity through the device of their choice.

  • BlueJeans enhances teacher-student interactions by bringing in speakers and attendees from all over the world like never before.



HQ Location

Los Angeles, CA