Customer Story

University of Michigan Scales Virtual Exchange Learning with BlueJeans

The University of Michigan deepened their commitment to providing virtual exchange experiences at scale by harnessing innovation to expand access to learners on campus and worldwide. More than a videoconferencing service, BlueJeans is a partner helping to evolve the institution’s communications infrastructure.


  • Optimize underutilized legacy video hardware.
  • Easily enable virtual exchange classes worldwide.
  • Provide superior convenience and ease of use for remote speakers.


  • BlueJeans Meetings removes barriers between video conferencing systems, platforms, and devices.
  • BlueJeans Events livestreaming supports reliable, multi-party communication with ease and simplicity.


  • In just two years, BlueJeans is being used campus-wide.
  • 30,000 minutes of meetings are conducted per hour on campus.
  • Saved thousands of dollars by being able to use existing video hardware.


Ann Arbor, Michigan