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Customer Story

Tap Into Freedom Lets Anyone Get Into Tap Dancing Using BlueJeans

While tap dancing has been around for decades, it isn’t always easy to find a teacher. In fact, young students keen to learn tap dancing have often had to attend festivals and workshops just to meet experienced dancers and coaches. Some would even cross state borders just to find a skilled coach at these events. Virtuoso tap dancer Andrew Nemr wanted to change this and make learning this performance art form more accessible. Thus Tap Into Freedom was born. The program aims to keep the oral tradition of tap dancing alive by providing coaching that’s accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world. Using BlueJeans Meetings for its classes, Tap Into Freedom is nurturing a love for tap dancing, making sure knowledge about the dance form is passed down through generations.


  • International performer Andrew Nemr wanted to make learning to tap dance easier and more accessible to anyone.


  • Nemr started a program called Tap Into Freedom to help preserve and promote the art of tap dancing. Using BlueJeans Meetings, the program offers a range of tap dance classes that are conducted fully online.
  • He chose BlueJeans Meetings for the high quality of the audio and the ease of using the platform and joining calls.


  • Tap Into Freedom has made learning tap dancing more accessible and affordable, especially for younger students without the money or ability to travel to attend festivals or workshops to find experienced coaches. 
  • By taking tap dance coaching virtual via BlueJeans, the program is helping keep the oral tradition of tap dancing alive, encouraging more people to enjoy the dance form.


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