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Customer Story

StudentNest Makes Learning Engaging with BlueJeans’ Education Platform

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As a tutoring company that conducts most of its classes virtually, StudentNest is always on the lookout for digital tools that can help deliver these classes more effectively. So when BlueJeans released BlueJeans for Remote Learning, StudentNest embraced it as one of its tutoring platforms. The company has since improved access to learning, particularly providing marginalized and at-risk students an engaging and inclusive way to learn.


  • Tutoring company StudentNest wanted to expand its suite of learning platforms to keep up with the rise in virtual classes.



  • StudentNest has made it easier for marginalized and at-risk students to join and participate in virtual classes.
  • Students feel more engaged during classes, with more than 95% of respondents in a survey saying they liked the BlueJeans platform.
  • After at least 20 hours of tutoring, students’ scores increase by an average of 16% between pre- and post-tests.




Fresno, California