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Customer Story

Solium Puts Video Communications First for Global Offices

Solium - BlueJeans Case Study
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Solium is a Software-as-a-Service company best known for Shareworks, software used by public and private companies to manage employee stock options and/or cap tables. By adopting BlueJeans, Solium found a real-time video meetings service that’s easy to use, universally accessible, and integrated with their existing hardware infrastructure.


  • Providing an environment where employees can join a video meeting from any device.


  • Implemented BlueJeans Meetings to work with existing Lifesize hardware and allow external parties to join meetings from laptops and mobile devices.


  • Addressed existing obstacles of the hardware-only solution without required an overhaul of existing technology infrastructure.
  • Retired GoToMeeting licenses, saving IT budget and allowing the team to focus on managing one solution.
  • More than 250,000 minutes of video meetings are used per month for sales calls, employee recruiting, internal team meetings, and more.



HQ Location

Calgary, CA