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Customer Story

Silver Chain Uses BlueJeans to Treat Patients From Afar

Diagnosed with neuro-degenerative condition unique to her family, Sarah had to miss school and drove hundreds of miles each week to receive proper care. Learn how BlueJeans Meetings has positively impacted Sarah, her mother, and their team of healthcare professionals at Silver Chain—it's truly amazing.

Careful... This one is a tear-jerker.

Over 100 years old, Silver Chain is a non-profit organization operating in multiple locations to provide high-quality in-home health and aged care services for families across Australia.


  • Difficulty partnering with clinicians in the field to provide more effective, holistic patient treatment.
  • Consistently making patient appointments convenient, timely, and efficient.


  • As a cloud-based service, BlueJeans is easy, secure and reliable for internal staff, patients and clinicians in the field.
  • BlueJeans over Telstra's 4G network allows Silver Chain staff to connect with field clinicians via numerous smart devices for real-time care that hadn't been possible.


  • BlueJeans enabled more effective, simple to use internal communications third-party meetings, and trainings.
  • Silver Chain extended care to remote patients who previously were unable to access their services and medical expertise.
  • BlueJeans efficiency and ease of use allowed Silver Chain staff to treat larger numbers of patients.



HQ Location

Perth, AU