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Customer Story

Sense Corp Uses BlueJeans Video Conferencing to Increase Employee and Client Productivity

Sense Corp is a leading professional services firm that helps businesses with a multitude of transformation and value delivery projects. With offices in Texas, Missouri and Ohio and with many employees working on client sites or remotely, Sense Corp needed a reliable, smart video conferencing solution to improve their collaboration among clients, partners and employees. Whether having a meeting to share innovative ideas or toasting a celebration, BlueJeans enables them to stay connected with clients, partners and most importantly each other – on any device, no matter where they are – in a much more human way.


  • Existing tools were hard to use and wasted valuable time
  • Unreliable solutions were hard to setup and manage



  • Increased employee productivity 5-10x since BlueJeans was implemented
  • Higher employee engagement, morale and satisfaction from employees being empowered with the right tools
  • Confidence to go after ambitious business goals with support from the right technology solution partner


Professional Services

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Austin, TX