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Customer Story

Red Hat Delivers Engaging, Interactive Events Across Continents with BlueJeans Events

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Connecting people and facilitating communication is at the heart of Red Hat’s business model. To improve customer and employee engagement across its more than 40 markets, the company’s Red Hat Live events team worked with BlueJeans to make its events as well as meetings more intuitive and interactive. This strong digital backbone enabled the team to seamlessly switch to virtual-only events when COVID-19 hit. The team now hosts up to 130 virtual events per month, boasting a net promoter score of 50 or above. 


  • Red Hat needed a reliable, intuitive virtual event platform that would allow it to scale as needed, while still making every participant feel personally included. 


  • The enterprise software company used the BlueJeans Events platform to streamline its internal and external meetings and events experience.  


  • During the pandemic, the Red Hat Live team delivered up to 130 events per month, con-tributing to a company-wide tally of up to 300 events per month. 
  • The company’s net promoter score for Red Hat Live events has consistently been 50 or above over the past three years.
  • Using BlueJeans Events has helped drive growth in the company’s sales pipeline. 




Raleigh, North Carolina