Customer Story

Red Hat Collaborates Globally to Bring Thousands Together

Red Hat uses more than 10 million BlueJeans minutes each month. Employees host daily meetings from their desks, mobile devices, and video-enabled rooms. Red Hat uses BlueJeans Events to broadcast company town halls and monthly department all-hands meetings.


  • Difficulty integrating internal teams across multiple continents and broadcasting large-scale, externally facing interactive meetings and conferences.



  • BlueJeans was the clear choice as both internal meetings and external events could be managed with one system while affording first rate interoperability.


  • Grew collaboration with teams across the world with employees using more than 10 million minutes each month.

  • Opened Red Hat Summit to thousands of remote participants to connect open source communities.

  • Consolidated other collaboration tools and integrated video conferencing with Google Calendar for more seamless workflows.


HQ Location
Raleigh, NC