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Northwestern University Uses BlueJeans to Support Breakthrough Research

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The Mesulam Center for Cognitive Neurology and Alzheimer's Disease is actively researching the rare form of dementia called Primary Progressive Aphasia (PPA), which affects language. They began using BlueJeans, one of Northwestern University’s video software solution, to support their “Communication Bridge” study — a speech therapy clinical trial that connects individuals living with PPA and SLPs – and have found that participants living with PPA benefit from doing real-time video intervention sessions with SLPs. While there is currently no cure, BlueJeans provides access to care through its telehealth nature as well as features that support delivery of the intervention such as strategy videos.


  • Given the rare nature of this type of dementia and the narrow field of SLPs suited to care for the condition, needed a solution to connect individuals living with PPA and SLPs.



  • Made the experience convenient for participants because they can easily join from wherever they live. • In-meeting chat used for a technique that SLPs call “keywording”.


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Evanston, IL