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Customer Story

Miller Mediation and Solution Helps the Elderly Enjoy Peace of Mind Using BlueJeans

After building a mediation firm providing negotiation, communication, and coaching for businesses, Amy Miller realized many families with aging parents need help to navigate difficult conversations around end-of-life decisions. Elderly parents and seniors without children or family members close by often don’t have a plan in place for what to do if they become sick or need care. To support these families and help seniors age with dignity, Miller started a program called Our Family Encounter to facilitate conversations and help families create an aging plan based on their seniors’ wishes. Using BlueJeans Meetings, Miller and her team would connect families with aging parents or other seniors so they could make decisions around finances, housing, and eldercare with more clarity. But more than just creating aging plans, these conversations are helping rebuild relationships and trust, and making seniors feel heard and cared for. Importantly, seniors are able to age with dignity and independence.


  • Amy Miller created a program to help families make decisions about housing, financial, and care for seniors. She needed a reliable video conferencing platform to provide these services.


  • Miller chose BlueJeans Meetings for its simplicity and ease of use, so elderly clients could join calls with the touch of a button and without having to download an application.


  • Seniors can enjoy their retirement and family life by having an aging plan.
  • They feel heard and are able to express their wishes and concerns, helping them rebuild relationships with family members. They can have private conversations with family members in real time via BlueJeans, and this brings a lot of comfort to them.
  • By having conversations as a family, they are able to address and prevent issues around elderly abuse and exploitation.
  • Elderly individuals who don’t have children or family members close by enjoy peace of mind that they’re not aging alone.
  • Family members have been able to save money by not having to take full days off work or to travel to have conversations with their elderly parents.


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Eden Prairie, Minnesota