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Khan Academy Trains India’s Top Teachers with BlueJeans Events

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Khan Academy India uses BlueJeans Events to train teachers across India with interactive video lectures for any endpoint, network configuration, or audience size. Khan’s success extends beyond India’s borders to improve remote learning opportunities for developing countries worldwide. Optimizing bandwidth in any environment, BlueJeans is the digital engine driving Khan’s exploding enrollment projection for the upcoming academic year.


  • Launch a virtual teacher training program for hundreds of teachers at pilot schools across India.
  • Create a scalable delivery system for online teacher education while cutting costs associated with in-person visits.
  • Deploy a reliable streaming solution for variable internet connections.


  • BlueJeans Events connects Khan Academy India instructors with teachers through streaming content available for mobile devices, laptops, and classrooms.
  • Supporting bandwidth optimization and content quality across all teachers’ networks.


  • Increased adoption of virtual teacher training programs and very high growth in student enrollment.




HQ Location

Bangalore, India