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Supreme Court of California Amends Oral Argument Procedures through BlueJeans

In response to COVID-19, the Supreme Court of California is hearing oral arguments for the first time ever using BlueJeans Meetings. Since the pandemic outbreak in March 2020, the Supreme Court of California has not had to delay any scheduled arguments by allowing the use of BlueJeans videoconferencing. All Supreme Court arguments are webcast live and archived online, which is not different when doing these over BlueJeans.


Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the Supreme Court of California needed a way to perform oral arguments remotely
Needed a simple and secure solution to allow justices and lawyers to participate remotely or from the courtroom


BlueJeans Meetings used for hearing oral arguments remotely.


The unprecedented hearing was a success, with three of the seven justices and all of the lawyers participating by videoconferencing
Thanks to the Court’s IT team, arguments went smoothly while adhering to the states lockdown.