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Customer Story

Index Exchange Drives Employee Efficiencies Using All-In-One Video Platform

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Index Exchange wanted to unify conference room and town hall experiences on a single meetings platform so employees could work the way they want. They selected BlueJeans Rooms and BlueJeans Events for high quality, click-to-join communication experiences - consistent across rooms, devices, and laptops - letting people unite for dynamic, multi-party collaboration.


  • Simplifying the conference room experience across global offices.
  • Improving ease of use and audio quality when virtually joining town halls.


  • BlueJeans Events provide an easy to manage, SaaS platform for town halls.
  • BlueJeans Rooms support easy-to-use, consistent, high quality meeting experiences.


  • In 2019, 96% of users rate their BlueJeans experience positive.
  • Over 80% reduction in issues related to town halls.
  • Over a million more minutes used than the year before, increasing employee efficiencies and supporting better global communication.


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