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Customer Story

How an Irish Set Dancing Teacher Used BlueJeans to Transform the Lives of People with Parkinson’s

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For about 35 people living with Parkinson’s disease in Ireland, going to Patrick O’Dea’s set dancing classes meant more than just improving their balance and building strength. It was an opportunity to socialize and, for some, the high point of their week. So, when COVID-19 struck and O’Dea had to cancel his classes, many felt anxious.

Knowing how important his classes were to participants, O'dea launched a search for an online meeting platform. Since most of those attending his classes had little experience with computers and video conferencing, O’Dea wanted the system to be simple and easy to use. O’Dea eventually chose BlueJeans Meetings for the simplicity of navigating its interface.


Patrick O’Dea needed to find a way to continue his Irish set dancing lessons for people with Parkinson’s disease after COVID-19 forced him to cancel in-person classes.


He decided to run virtual classes via BlueJeans Meetings, liking the simplicity of the platform’s interface and its ease of use.


O’Dea has been able to continue his classes, helping people with Parkinson’s anywhere in the world remain active during COVID-19. Participants in his online classes have greatly improved their wellbeing by staying connected and engaged. They have learned to embrace technology and use it to enhance their quality of life.