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Customer Story

Helping a Health Tech Innovator Maintain Its Inclusive Culture Amid Rapid Growth

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To meet the demands of a dispersed workforce and maintain company culture, one healthcare company needed a scalable, SaaS-based virtual meeting solution. The BlueJeans Meetings platform enabled easy-to-join, team check-ins, large-scale all-hands meetings, and ad hoc huddles with employees, partners, and clients across multiple locations.


  • Connecting 1,300 employees spread across multiple offices, keeping them updated on company happenings with all-hands meetings, and engaged in the company culture.



  • Significant cost savings, improved ease of administration thanks to software-as-a-service purchase model, and greater cross-company communication.
  • Users save time with one-touch join and other BlueJeans usability advantages — especially when compared to legacy room hardware.
  • IT facilities can run all-hands meetings with ease, using Command Center to analyze performance and usage.


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