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Customer Story

Fanatics Saves Two Weeks of Working Time Annually with BlueJeans

Fanatics BlueJeans Customer Case Study
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Fanatics’ innovative approach provides quick delivery of sports merchandise for the NFL, MLB, MLS, NBA and NHL. BlueJeans' ability to support a growing and dispersed organization provides reliable, cost effective video calling for one-touch collaboration across sites.


  • Unite fragmented collaboration technologies and easily measure usage.
  • Overcome inconsistent video and audio quality with better visibility for troubleshooting.
  • Simplify complex user interface to make adoption easy.


  • BlueJeans cloud-based solution connects employees with athletes, partners, suppliers and each other.
  • BlueJeans Rooms are interoperable, easily deployed and configured.


  • BlueJeans has 94% approval rating from Fanatics employees.
  • Approximately 2 weeks of working time a year is saved due to one-touch join.
  • Meetings are easily accessible from Slack, Office 365 and Cisco rooms.


E-commerce Sports Retail

HQ Location

Jacksonville, FL