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Customer Story

DentaQuest Foundation Eliminates Dental Disease with Help from BlueJeans

BlueJeans Case Study: DentaQuest Foundation
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DentaQuest Foundation integrates the American healthcare system around their patients. Accountable for a network of thousands, they adopted BlueJeans as a video conferencing tool that allows them to communicate with one another from various locations and changes the way they work.


  • Replace and consolidate both their legacy video conferencing and audio bridge while providing all the features needed in a modern, video conferencing platform.
  • Make it easier for employees to interact with one another and easier for IT to manage while reducing cost and complexity.


  • Perfect for both video and audio-only calls, BlueJeans includes click-to-join simplicity, screen sharing and affords easy access for external participants, regardless of device or location.
  • BlueJeans is interoperable with legacy video conferencing systems, simplifying management and reducing IT costs.


  • Face-to-face meetings have strengthened relationships among a team that is spread across the country and continuing to grow.
  • Allows the team to communicate with one another while working remote, traveling, getting married, and during their virtual holiday party!
  • Team members are able to reach approximately 200 people per week, conducting one-on-one meetings with partners and hosting group meetings.



HQ Location

Boston, MA