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BlueJeans Satisfies Grubhub’s Hunger for Modern Meetings

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Whether connecting team members based in offices across the world or collaborating with an abundance of restaurant partners, Grubhub—the nation’s leading online and mobile food ordering platform—is focused on customer satisfaction. For its business to run smoothly, Grubhub needs to facilitate authentic, fruitful communications between multiple parties based in numerous locations. Doing so is key not only to future innovation but to maintaining its strong company culture.

To this end, Grubhub began using BlueJeans Meetings in April 2013 to connect with its employees and customers. Company leadership saw how video meetings helped Grubhub teams work together in a much more collaborative, personal, and productive fashion than when left to rely on calls and email alone—especially as the company was rapidly adding employees and restaurant partners, which required a tremendous amount of coordination. Discover how they managed to scale their business, all while maintaining company culture, with video conferencing and large-scale online events.