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Customer Story

Array Behavioral Care Reaches More Underserved Communities Using BlueJeans Telehealth

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There’s growing consensus on the need to improve mental health care in the United States. But how can the quality and timeliness of care be increased for people who live in remote, rural areas or parts of the country without enough practicing clinicians? Array Behavioral Care answers this with its telepsychiatry solutions, which enable patients to access virtual care when seeking help at a hospital, health center, or other facility. To make this service work, Array needs a highly reliable platform that’s easily available and delivers an intuitive, quality user experience. This is why it chose BlueJeans Telehealth.


  • To grow and maintain its mission of providing mental health care for underserved communities, Array Behavioral Care needed to partner with a reliable, intuitive telehealth platform.


  • Array used BlueJeans Telehealth because of its unparalleled reach, security, and flexibility in meeting the needs of patients, clinicians, and healthcare facilities.


  • In 2021, Array conducted more than 56,000 telepsychiatry sessions using the BlueJeans Telehealth platform.
  • As the use of telehealth services expanded rapidly in 2020 due to the pandemic and providers scrambled for solutions, Array confidently increased its sessions with BlueJeans Telehealth, thanks to reliable automatic scaling.
  • Array’s implementation of BlueJeans Telehealth means that it can customize and scale its suite of telebehavioral health services for provider organizations of all shapes, sizes, and locations across the care continuum. These include hospitals and acute care facilities, outpatient clinics, and primary care offices.




Mt. Laurel, New Jersey