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Customer Story

Northwood University Overcomes the Challenges of COVID-19 and a Massive Flood with Support from BlueJeans

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The year 2020 was a particularly disruptive and challenging one for Northwood University in Midland, Michigan. Besides having to shut down its main campus early in the year due to COVID-19, some of its buildings were damaged in a massive flood. But backed by video conferencing platform BlueJeans, the non-profit university made sure students had the support and tools they needed to continue learning remotely.


  • As COVID-19 forced Northwood University to shut down, it needed to quickly switch to online classes while supporting and engaging students in new ways.


  • The university relied on BlueJeans Meetings to deliver online classes and activities and to enable faculty members to connect with students and each other. It turned to BlueJeans Events for large gatherings such as symposiums.


  • Northwood University was able to quickly move all its in-person classes online at the start of the pandemic, minimizing disruption to learning.
  • For the fall 2020 semester, it allowed students to choose their method of learning based on their comfort level, medical history, and family needs.
  • Students felt a sense of connection with the university and their peers while studying remotely.
  • In 2020, the university held 40,292 meetings. In March alone, it recorded more than 3,000 meetings, an increase of 541% on the previous month.



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