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BlueJeans Helps DFB to Prepare for Agility and Change of Direction

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As the German Football Association’s (DFB’s) workforce became more decentralized, the organization wanted to support greater mobility among employees and increase their productivity. Rolling out BlueJeans Meetings across the entire federation helped achieve this. When Germany went into lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, employees were well equipped and continued to collaborate regardless of where they were. The DFB maintained its operations with little disruption and was able to complete a major hackathon event using BlueJeans Meetings and Events.


  • The DFB wanted to provide its employees and stakeholders with collaborative tools to support their mobility and increase workforce productivity.
  • When Germany went into lockdown due to COVID-19, the federation had to find a way to continue a major hackathon, for which events were scheduled over seven months in Frankfurt.


  • The DFB expanded its deployment of BlueJeans Meetings from a few employees to more than 450 users across the federation. To save its hackathon, it relied on BlueJeans Meetings to deliver keynote presentations and used BlueJeans Events for the grand finale.


  • Through BlueJeans Meetings, the DFB enabled more than 450 employees to collaborate and remain productive, whether working remotely or in the office. When the pandemic hit, the federation continued operating with little disruption.
  • Usage of the BlueJeans platform within the DFB soared 1129% in the first three months of Germany’s first lockdown. And the DFB was able to quickly pivot and turn its ongoing hackathon into a virtual event using BlueJeans Meetings and Events. This enabled it to successfully complete the event despite initial apprehension.
  • The DFB ensured the security of the hackathon’s grand finale and was able to filter out about 100 people who weren’t invited to the event.

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