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Customer Story

BlueJeans Expo Helped Eurovision Song Contest 2023 to Become a Global Entertainment Spectacle

This year’s Eurovision Song Contest captivated a global audience through its performances and innovations that included live streaming meet-and-greets with contestants on social media for the first time. To enhance its reach and accessibility, organizers the European Broadcasting Union, and host broadcaster, the BBC, established an online media center powered by BlueJeans Expo, enabling more than 1,300 media representatives from around the world to access the event. This in turn helped to increase the year-on-year media coverage of the event, while the meet-and-greets attracted 500,000 views on TikTok, amplifying the event’s global audience engagement.


  • The European Broadcasting Union and the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 host broadcaster, the BBC, wanted to grant access to journalists who couldn’t travel to Liverpool by establishing an online media center. It also aimed to provide opportunities to connect with the participating artists and expand the Contest’s global reach by live streaming individual meet-and-greets.


  • The BBC chose to collaborate with BlueJeans by Verizon to carry out both initiatives using the virtual event management platform BlueJeans Expo, aided by BlueJeans Studio. Event production specialist Sparq Live provided the production setup and technology for the meet-and-greets.


  • The Eurovision Song Contest expanded access to live performances, dress rehearsals, and media conferences, with more than 1,300 media representatives from over 50 countries using the online media center.
  • The live sessions broadcast via the online media center attracted 13,000 views over 11 days.
  • The Eurovision Song Contest’s media exposure surged in 2023, with more than 152,000 articles written about the event — up 28% from last year and 66% from 2021.
  • The live streams of the meet-and-greets garnered 500,000 views on TikTok, expanding the Contest’s global reach to new audiences.

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Geneva, Switzerland