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Digital Realty Enables a Digital Workplace for Employees and Customers with BlueJeans

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As the largest owner/operator of data centers in the world, Digital Realty provides data center, colocation and interconnection solutions to customers globally, serving as the trusted foundation for digital business for customers in sectors ranging from cloud and information technology services, to communications and social networking, to financial services, manufacturing, energy, healthcare and consumer products. As Digital Realty grew, the company selected BlueJeans to consolidate its multiple conferencing solutions to one, reliable, secure and easy to use solution.


  • Consolidate multiple conferencing solutions; improve reliability, ease of use, cost & security
  • During COVID, keep employees safe, keep data centers running and maintain sales momentum


  • BlueJeans Meetings for internal collaboration and external customer engagement including irtual data center tours conducted via BlueJeans mobile while customers join from the safety of their own homes
  • Remote experts use BlueJeans to guide on-site employees to restore or update data center services to ensure business continuity
  • BlueJeans Events enabled Digital Realty’s first secure virtual board meeting and enables C-levels to connect with employees through town halls and with customers through webinars


  • CIO confirmed BlueJeans enhanced the team’s ability to make sales during the pandemic by enabling virtual data center tours
  • Positive customer feedback for their innovative response during the pandemic
  • Transition to WFH model during COVID-19 went smoothly with employees registering a 98% satisfaction rate using BlueJeans and 4.7 q-score average


Information Technology & Services

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San Francisco, CA