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David Weekley Homes Builds a Strong Foundation of Collaboration

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David Weekley Homes has become the largest privately held home builder in America. As business has grown over its 40+ year history, so too has its employee base. In order to deliver the highest quality service, the teams at David Weekley Homes needed a scalable communications solution to connect its base of over 1,500 employees. BlueJeans has become a daily fixture in ad hoc, scheduled team meetings, executive meetings and town halls.


  • Reduce time and travel costs associated with quarterly executive meetings.
  • Enable multiple growing team of employees to communicate seamlessly through the cloud.


  • BlueJeans Meetings used for town halls with ability to record and control video layout and participant settings.
  • Daily use of 1:1 and team meetings for internal or external conferences.


  • Comfort and confidence improved with BlueJeans as opposed to former solution.
  • Reduction in money and time waste due to virtual meetings.
  • 1000% company-wide usage increase since BlueJeans was deployed.


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Houston, TX