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BlueJeans Strengthens Collaboration within France’s Council of Tarn & Garonne and Increases Citizen Engagement

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Faced with a national lockdown, the council administering the Tarn & Garonne Department in the southwest of France considered ways to maintain its meetings schedule and mandatory public meetings. It decided to expand its use of BlueJeans Meetings to not only its stakeholders but also the various public institutions within the department. Additionally, it deployed BlueJeans Events and Rooms. It has since been able to schedule meetings on demand and live stream public events, enabling greater collaboration with residents and speeding up decision-making.


  • To extend the use of video conferencing within the Council and by the various public institutions in the Tarn & Garonne Department
  • To broadcast the Council’s public meetings live


  • Deploy BlueJeans Meetings, Events, and Rooms to foster closer collaboration and speed up decision-making between the Council and its different stakeholders


  • Gives the Council the flexibility to schedule meetings on demand using the BlueJeans mobile or tablet application
  • Enables it to make all its public meetings virtual in addition to streaming them live
  • Helps increase resident participation and facilitates engagement by elected officials who are sometimes geographically remote

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