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Analyst Report

The Power of the Huddle Room

The meeting spaces you use every need to live up to the needs of a modern workforce. The huddle room is front and center in the industry as a type of meeting space that can lead to greater collaboration and more productivity. Huddle rooms provide flexibility and the space to be innovative and are best suited to meet the needs of a diverse and dynamic workforce.
Demystify the huddle room by reading Recon Research’s newest report “The Power of the Huddle Room”. Recon Research, the original proponents of the huddle room concept, have consolidated years of research to help you understand how to empower your organization with huddle rooms and spaces. Additionally, the paper provides actionable tactics and tools to make decisions for the type of technological solutions best suited for the huddle rooms you need.
In the next few pages, you will learn:
  • Why New Expectations Drive New Way of Working
  • Understanding the Huddle Room
  • What Audio Visual / Collaboration Capabilities Should a Huddle Space Provide?
  • How Can Organizations Choose the Right AV Systems for their Huddle Spaces?
  • What Role Do Cloud Services Play in the Huddle Discussion?
Read Recon Research’s paper and boost your organization with the power of the Huddle Room.
Recon BlueJeans Huddle Room Analyst Report
Analyst Report