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Analyst Report

Recon Research Evaluation of Dolby Voice Room

Dolby Voice Room (a.k.a. “the system” within this study) is a meeting room video conferencing system / platform designed and manufactured by consumer and professional audio/video heavyweight Dolby. Traditionally, group video conferencing systems are dedicated appliances that run software specifically designed by the vendor to drive that particular device.

So a Huawei group video conferencing system runs a Huawei-provided code base only, and thus can act like a Huawei video system only. Dolby Voice Room, on the other hand, is a hardware-based group video conferencing platform designed to run third-party software. This allows Dolby partners (e.g. BlueJeans and HighFive) to create software applications that run on Dolby Voice Room and provide a customized user experience.

The takeaway is that Dolby Voice Room is not just a video conferencing system – it is a customizable video conferencing platform.

Dolby Voice Rooms are now available with BlueJeans Rooms through a subscription based service. Learn more here.

Analyst Report