Analyst Report

Gartner Report: Three Easy Steps to Reduce Audioconferencing Expenses

May 2018

A reliable audioconferencing solution helps eliminate distance between people while driving productivity and growth, but how can you make saving money on your investment a priority? It’s a lot easier than you think! A recent Gartner analyst report, “3 Easy Steps to Reduce Audioconferencing Expenses” describes several practical approaches for reducing the money you’re probably spending on audioconferencing.

If you’re an application or technology leader involved in planning, selecting, and deploying unified communications and collaboration solutions, this report will help you implement cost cutting measures and streamline your audioconferencing solution so you can provide an easy, modern, and cost-effective way for employees, customers, and partners to connect and meet.

Get Gartner’s “3 Easy Steps to Reduce Audioconferencing Expenses” and discover how to:

  • Use your meeting solution’s embedded audioconferencing feature. 
  • Avoid variable-rate PSTN routing charges and improve audio quality.
  • Deploy the right tools to ensure participants use lower cost access methods.
  • Move away from commercially bundled, stand-alone audioconferencing.
Analyst Report