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Analyst Report

Three Goals for Today's Enterprise Video Conferencing Platforms

Business video technology has changed dramatically in the last decade. Today’s software video services have become more reliable, flexible, affordable, and support a much higher quality experience than the hardware options of the past.

As a result, users’ expectations and goals have shifted as well. Based on countless conversations with end users and IT leaders I have learned that they are no longer satisfied if their video equipment merely works, they expect it to help them meet the following three goals.

  1. Increase user satisfaction and allow for “smarter” workflows
  2. Maximize investment on existing collaboration deployments (the productivity tools, equipment, and services you’ve already purchased and integrated).
  3. Measure and manage the use of collaboration equipment and services to prove ROI.


While these goals have always been attractive for working teams, the solutions of the past were too complicated, expensive, and inflexible to meet these goals. The unfortunate result is that it was extremely difficult for organizations to realize the full value of their collaboration investments. Many deployments failed to achieve the necessary adoption, with equipment simply gathering dust. However, we saw the inherent value in video and other visual collaboration tools and did our best to create productive environments and achieve ROI.



Analyst Report