Welcome To Your BlueJeans Rooms Installation Instructions

Preparing your hardware and installing software

The following instructions will help you set up BlueJeans Rooms.

BlueJeans Rooms Requirements:


 •  Required: Intel NUC computer NUC5i5MYHE Kit with Core i5-5300U 2.3GHz CPU

  • Windows 10 Pro or later
  • 8GB of RAM
  • 128GB or greater SSD

iPad Mini

 •  Required: Running iOS version 10 or later


 •  Recommended: Logitech C930E web camera


 •  Monitor or television


 •  Recommended: Revolabs FLX UC500 USB Speaker/Mic

Ethernet connection (hard line for best performance)

Tools Required:

 •  Multi-head screwdriver (to mount the NUC on the back of the TV)

 •  USB Keyboard and mouse to configure PC for the first time



Setting Up Relay

First get started with BlueJeans Relay. Your Relay login credentials have been sent to you in an email. Go to BlueJeans downloads, and scroll to the bottom of the page for Relay download instructions. You can also reference our "Getting Started with Relay" guide, here.



Setting Up BlueJeans Rooms

Now that you have Relay installed, follow these steps to get started with BlueJeans Rooms.

1. Find a test room to set up your PC system and iPad

2. Download and install your BlueJeans Rooms software:

  • PC software, here
  • If you're using an iOS device, you can easily find and download the BlueJeans Rooms app from the App Store.

3. Double-click the BlueJeans Rooms icon located on the PC desktop. You should see a 5-character code.

  • Hint: Make sure the power saver controls are set to "Never"
  • Turn off the notification center
  • Suppress the windows update alerts

4. Open the BlueJeans Rooms iPad app and follow the steps shown.

PLEASE NOTE: Any BlueJeans named host account can provision a BlueJeans Rooms. The user is NOT "logging in" to the app, only authenticating to verify which enterprise the room belongs to.


Connecting Rooms to Calendar

To provision rooms for BlueJeans Rooms you will have to follow these instructions to connect the room to the calendar.

In Command Center the 'new' room will be listed. You have a choice of leaving the room in "phone booth" mode or connect it to a Relay enabled calendar. All you have to do is add the calendar ID and choose the type of calendar to connect.

For detailed calendar installation instructions, click here.


For questions or support please call +1 (408) 791-2830 or click here


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