Dolby Voice Room®

The premier converged conference room and huddle space solution.

Infuse your meeting room with intelligence

Clear the clutter and elevate your meeting room experience with this fully integrated software and hardware bundle from BlueJeans and Dolby. This solution delivers purpose-built, Dolby-designed hardware components that are married seamlessly with BlueJeans’ visionary room management controls to revolutionize the room-based meeting experience.

Dolby Voice Room

The smartest rooms around

Dolby Voice Room adjusts to changing speakers, action, and lighting conditions to intelligently frame the meeting discussion in real time.  Advanced features like HDR video mapping and Whiteboard view are driven by an incredible 4K Ultra HD Dolby Voice Camera lens that provides meeting participants with an incredibly immersive video experience.

Unmatched audio clarity

The Dolby Voice Room solution includes the Dolby Conference Phone, an amazing audio centerpiece with the ability to adapt to shifting speaking volumes and room acoustics in real time.  With standout features like Voice Placement and Dynamic Leveling, the power of audio clarity becomes a reality.  

Test Dolby Image

Clutter-free conference rooms

BlueJeans Rooms’ calendar integration, room schedule display, and one-touch join capability are beautifully presented on the Dolby Conference Phone’s touch-screen interface, eliminating the need to have additional tablets in the meeting room.  Additionally, wireless content sharing takes the additional step of clearing unnecessary cables off the conference room table to limit complexity and confusion.

Command and control

Unlike other room system bundles, the Dolby Voice Room is powered by the Dolby Voice Hub, a unique connected appliance that serves as the management control center for each Dolby Voice Room deployment. This system provides automated software and security updates, remote access controls, and tight integration with BlueJeans Command Center to deliver advanced room system analytics and manageability controls.

Dolby Voice Room Rental Subscription


Our integrated Dolby Voice Room solution is delivered as a service for greater purchasing flexibility. This hassle-free subscription reduces much of the overhead that is traditionally associated with hardware purchasing. Accelerate your modern workplace transformation with the industry's premier converged huddle space solution.

Customer Story

“BlueJeans Rooms with Dolby Voice has helped our global network of employees to communicate and collaborate on a whole new level, so that we can continue to push the boundaries of our imagination and democratize access to the power of genomics.”

Norm FjeldheimSVP, CIOIllumnia