BlueJeans Rooms: Leading Video Conference Rooms

Web conference room integrations with Kaptivo, Dolby and Relay, the BlueJeans app for iOS, are just some of BlueJeans industry-leading innovations for video conferencing and group video meeting rooms of all kinds.

Intuitive Interface with BlueJeans Relay for iOS

BlueJeans Relay for iOS functions like a telephone switchboard operator, connecting various conference room endpoints. Relay for iOS is unique because it is an iOS interface for hardware-based conference rooms. You can join group video meetings, and record them with moderator controls.

BlueJeans Rooms: Leading Video Conference Rooms

For the user, the ability to see a roster of who is in the room adds value to the group video meeting experience. A meeting indicator that facilitates better time management (making sure video meetings begin and end at the correct times) that you don’t typically get in a hardware-based room set up. You can still join the group video meeting, from your mobile device or a tablet, without a laptop computer. Even if a conference room system is different, the platform is familiar, and thus that the experience is too.

According to BlueJeans Tech Evangelist, Tedd Fox, “BlueJeans Relay is the foundation that BlueJeans video conferencing for rooms was built on. It is so much more than joining a group video meeting.”

Dolby Voice for BlueJeans Group Video Calling

For Fox, there are two notable differences in regards to the Dolby Voice Audio integration, which Fox hails as “impeccable.” The quality of the experience that people have with these integrations, such as the Dolby sound integration, is affecting the way that these video conference rooms are being set up. Secondly, the way that people interact with BlueJeans supported meeting rooms is a game changer. “If you’re on headphones, and you have your laptop at a coffee shop, I can’t hear anything else in the background.”

Conference Room Collaboration Solutions

In an office setting, with the Dolby Conference phone in the room, Fox notes, “The room hears everything. I can literally whisper in the corner of these conference rooms, and you can hear it.”

Better audio affects the way people interact in all aspects of the meeting room: the volume of their voices, where and how they sit and position themselves, and other body language related to how people compensate for the typically tenuous dynamics present in a video call. With BlueJeans video enabled spaces, “You see that people visibly relax. It’s not so tense. ”

Kaptivo Integration Revolutionizes Virtual Whiteboard Sessions

Launching in late fall 2017, the Kaptivo integration for BlueJeans video calling is a collaboration solution that brings the whiteboard experience into the group video realm. The Kaptivo technology—a micro-optical camera—removes the added step and hassle of moving your video camera in a video-enabled meeting room by beaming the whiteboard visuals directly to attendees’ screens, “project into the meeting as if the apparatus itself is an attendee,” explains Fox.

Easy File Sharing and Cross Platform Group Video Chats

The visual equivalent to Dolby, in terms of removing distracting information, Kaptivo does so without visual distortion, and in real time. This means that shadows, even the person writing on the whiteboard, are automatically detected and removed from the visual space, leaving behind only the data you want.

Step-By-Step Recording Capability in Conference Rooms

As edits are made and contributions evolve on the whiteboard during the course of the meeting, Kaptivo captures the entire whiteboard process as a cohesive, cumulative document that is easily downloaded and shared as a PDF. “Everyone in the group video can see what is happening on the whiteboard, in real time. There can be Post-Its, stickers, or other stationary objects used during the session, and those are picked up, too,” Fox explains.

Simply add the Kaptivo device to your BlueJeans conference room system, and you’re ready to go—and it’s fast, too. “I’ve been told it takes two to three minutes to install the Kaptivo device, and another few minutes to get Kaptivo fully integrated into the conference room.”

Conference Rooms with Video Sharing

Like BlueJeans video conferencing, Kaptivo is activated with ultimate simplicity, at the touch of a button. Just as BlueJeans is delivering best-in-class audio through the Dolby partnership, Kaptivo delivers an effective, essential workplace tool for your group video meetings to ensure they are as productive and reliable as possible—without sacrificing valuable whiteboard collaboration sessions.

Fox concludes, “A group video meeting is successful when people have great visual and audio experiences. That’s what BlueJeans video delivers for conference rooms.”

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