Broadcast TV Quality, Facebook Live
Experiences From Any Device

Reach millions and increase your likes, shares, and followers.

Let Facebook Live video streaming maximize your reach and engagement. Broadcast important announcements, press conferences, and high profile interviews live to all of your Facebook fans and followers. Make live video streaming an everyday part of your customers' Facebook experience.
  • Why onSocial Studio?

    BlueJeans onSocial provides individuals, brands, and companies with a stand alone, TV quality video platform that brings people together, creates shared experiences, and broadcasts them to the world through live, interactive video.

    Looking to broadcast live?

    BlueJeans onSocial makes it easy. Your audience can watch and interact on any device, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

    Go Live With The Tools You Need.

    Ensure a seamless viewing experinence with production features like advanced camera control and live support.

  • onSocial Studio lets you broadcast multi-party, TV quality video over Facebook Live.

    • Unlimited Facebook Live broadcasting, event recording, and sharing options
    • Connect up to 100 remote participants or camera feeds
    • HD video and content sharing
    • Instant or scheduled events
    • Video layout and moderation controls
    • Event support services available before, during, and after your event

Drive audience engagement to unprecedented heights.


The Customer Experience

These networks are connecting with followers and growing their audience on Facebook Live.

  • This one of a kind sports portal provides live, interactive video events and original content for athletes and the fans who follow them.

  • Olympic Gold Medalist Steve Mesler boosted his social influence by connecting live with fans and television producers in engaging, interactive video discussions.

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