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Are Your Conference Rooms Microsoft Teams-Ready? 

Valuable resources to prepare your organization for the hybrid workplace

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As you think about your return to office strategy, it’s critical to identify best practices that ensures your office is ready for Microsoft Teams. To enable next-level collaboration without the hassles of a total hardware refresh, use BlueJeans Gateway Cloud Video Interop (CVI) and quickly power up your conference rooms with Teams Meetings.
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Trusted by 650+ organizations worldwide to connect their conference rooms to Microsoft Teams.

Featured Benefits

The Fastest and Easiest CVI for Microsoft Teams

Fastest Deployment

Get your existing conference rooms ready for hybrid work by deploying BlueJeans Gateway within a matter of hours with no additional infrastructure requirements.

Optimized for Complexity

Provide a consistent and reliable Microsoft Teams experience throughout your entire hardware estate, regardless of room system brand or model.

Flexible Licensing

Reduce headaches with a licensing model that works with your needs. Scale up your conference rooms as fast as you need without advanced planning.

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