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Web Conferencing Software with Interactive Video

Take web conferencing to the next level using BlueJeans to boost engagement with an interactive and intuitive interface.

Traditional web conferencing software limited participants to one-way video calls; you were either an active speaker or a passive listener. With BlueJeans web conferencing software, that’s no longer the case. BlueJeans offers the latest in web conferencing to help organizations achieve multi-party, interactive video communications. With BlueJeans video conferencing software, it’s easy to schedule and deploy scalable, video-first web conferencing for your team—whether you’re conducting a remote group interview or hosting an all-hands event for thousands of stakeholders.

In-Room Web Conferencing Software

Connecting Web Conferencing Endpoints Worldwide

As long as participants have their BlueJeans account login information, internet access and a video-enabled device, they can join your next web conference. Think about the possibilities: An in-house team can connect from a traditional H.323 or SIP conference room setup, while remote workers can jump on the web conference using their smartphones, tablets or laptops. Your company can speak to clients using different software-based video clients without a hiccup. Since BlueJeans web conferencing software is interoperable, compatibility issues are a thing of the past.

Web Conferencing on Laptop

Do More with Every Video Conference

Every web conference counts. BlueJeans can boost ROI and help you get down to business faster. Our advanced video conferencing software enables you to: 

  • Easily upload and share video clips during web conferences (great for training or collaborating on projects)
  • Record full meetings, archive them, and share them as needed
  • Utilize simple, push-to-talk tools for collaboration during video playback
  • Seamlessly share HD content (including presentation decks, slideshows, and more)

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