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Virtual Meeting Tools

Thanks to today’s virtual meeting tools, people can attend meetings from anywhere via a laptop or smartphone. Going beyond the conference room, BlueJeans provides a dynamic communication experience across remote teams, mobile devices, and multi-vendor systems.

How to Host a Virtual Meeting

BlueJeans makes hosting a virtual meeting easy. Communicating and interacting with employees and team members – no matter where they are – is key. With BlueJeans, meeting invitations are sent automatically and contain the meeting URL, providing users with click-to-join simplicity. Attendees have the flexibility to join meetings using a traditional conference call or internet connected device. The beauty of BlueJeans is that even the most budget conscious organizations can use it.


Superior Audio & Video for Meetings

Today’s virtual meeting tools are pivotal for conducting business in a world where remote work is increasingly commonplace. Employees want high-quality, immersive communication to initiate and participate in every day meetings. BlueJeans’ meeting tools offer crystal clear Dolby Voice and high-definition video, making it easy for employees to communicate like they were in the same room.

Present & Share Content

Along with a faster, more convenient way of communicating, BlueJeans’ virtual meeting tools enable collaborative whiteboarding, screen share, private or group text chat, and meeting recording for on-demand playback. BlueJeans also integrates seamlessly with popular workplace tools, calendars, and apps. BlueJeans’ meeting tools let you connect with participants, select a preferred meeting view, turn on automatic transcription, mute your microphone, share video and files, and allow remote desktop control.

Conduct Effective Virtual Meetings

As virtual meeting tools, like BlueJeans, become more central to workplace communication, high quality, remote collaboration is not only attainable—it’s expected. A cost-friendly option for remote workers, it’s cloud-based delivery makes meetings easy to conduct while supporting interoperability across multi-vendor devices. A BlueJeans virtual meeting is just as realistic and productive as one that’s face-to-face. Give your business the flexibility to scale as well as integrate with the meeting tools you already use, while fostering improved teamwork.

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